The El Diablo Leather Story

Hello everyone, my name is Nathan and I am the chief leathercrafter at El Diablo Leather. A small leather business located in a peaceful Australian country town in New South Wales called Binalong.

My passion for leathercrafting started back in 2019 when I needed to purchase a holster for one of my custom knives from an online seller. When I received the item, I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the article I received (as usual, it looked nothing at all like the one pictured on my computer screen). Bad edges, poor machine stitching, horrible burnishing and cracked leather. I was disheartened that a trusted and reliable leather crafter could openly sell such an inferior item, and may I add, for a substantial price. That’s when I thought “I can do this myself”, so I purchased a basic leather making kit and got to work with a bunch of scraps. Using 10+ years of experience and skills as a woodworker, leatherworking turned out to be a very enjoyable past time that has become an absolute obsession for me. Over the following months, I purchased better tools and better leather and strived to make better and better products. I was absolutely consumed at producing the best I possibly could.

Due to the global pandemic and lack of suitable work around, I thought “why not turn this into a business”, so for the past year I built a leatherworking studio and I have been relentlessly perfecting my craft and my products to the point of exhaustion. Attempting to make some of the finest handmade wallets available on the market. It all starts with the best ingredients, I use premium high-quality full grain Italian and Australian leather in combination with ultra-strong German Ritza Tiger thread to produce wallets that are not only beautiful, but will last a lifetime. All my processes are done by hand, hand cut, hand stitched and hand burnished, from start to finish there are no machines involved and each item is personally obsessed over before it leaves my studio. Each item is also fully customisable and will be tailored to suit your colour preferences. From the colour of the leather to the stitching, it is all up to you.

Thank you for taking an interest in my little business and if you have any questions regarding my products, please feel free to shoot me an email. I am always happy to answer.

I look forward to making you a wallet sometime in the future.

And remember, “The devil is in the details!”

Kind regards,

Nathan Edwards

Founder and Craftsman @ El Diablo Leather

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